Durable and resistant materials

First of all, let’s consider everything before creating a box and understand every little part of the package. This is why we have been competing on the market for a longer period of time. One of the most important factors to focus on are materials. The use of strong and robust materials will change your perception of the value of a material. Therefore, one of the most used materials in our company is rigid. Rigid material is also called luxury material. Custom wholesale rigid boxes are four times thicker than the usual boxes. Rigid boxes are mainly used to place shoes, watches, board games and many other objects. For example, if you’ve ever bought a shoe, you must have noticed that the thickness of the shoebox is sturdy. This is a rigid box. Also, when you buy various board games, they are made of rigid material. This is so because it is resistant enough to protect all types of impairments and damage. We continually use rigid wholesale boxes and packaging to sell them because it is for your improvement. In fact, our priority is to meet your expectations and offer you pleasant and precise choices. You can always let us know your needs and your needs.

Countless customizations to your advantage

In addition to choosing a material, we also take the measures of the customizations required. We have specialized designers who can talk to you about the pros and cons of a choice. Charts are masters in understanding the particular requirement of a box. You can share your ideas and consider them too. Firstly, the coatings we offer you are glossy and matte. The glossy and matte coating is completely different from each other. We do this because we need to keep in mind the need of all our customers. The glossy coating covers the box in a shiny and shiny surface. It makes rigid gift boxes shine in the sun and attract more and more customers from time to time.

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In contrast, the matte coating we use is slightly different. The boxes that don’t shine in the sunlight. However, the layer is thin and dark in terms of covers, however, elegance appeals to customers for boxes such as watches, rings and many other jewelry items, so printing methods such as digital printing and offset. . Digital printing is for printing rigid boxes customized in a reasonable but classy way. Digital printing uses ink and laser jets to print ink on the boxes. Custom printed rigid boxes are of high quality and require a method that lives up to their brand. Therefore, we use offset printing. Use first-rate rollers that evenly distribute the ink on each part of the package. The rubber blanket plays an important role in keeping the surfaces smooth on the boxes.

We also have some add-ons for you

You may also wonder if there is anything else we offer, we do it. Our embellishments are not limited to printing and coatings, but we also have some additional components. Consider them as substitutes for marketing strategies. Coatings that we offer obtainable in a variety of colors, but we recommend the use of golden and silver sheets if you want to have a vibrant and classy surface. Spot UV is another substitute that saves part of your money.

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You can sue instead of the glossy and matte finish if you’re on a budget. In fact, our aim is to keep all options open for you. In addition, embossing and engraving are also available. We use them to improve your logos so that they attract customers even from a distance. Any customer who takes a look at your shop will certainly try our unique box with such a radiant and attractive finish. You can choose anything you like. Of course, our customers are the ones we work hard for.

Customer support service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Above all, we want the best for our customers and offer them exemplary services. So, we have a customer support service available all day and night for you. Our staff is extremely collaborative and responsible and will take care of you with care. You can trust us in terms of anything. Our aim is to make sure that we have no complaints and problems. In addition, we train our staff in the most competitive way so that they treat all our customers fairly and carefully. Finally, if you want to take a look at our efforts, you can order prototypes from us.

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