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What Are The Main Causes Of Dark Circles?

We all experience dark circles around our eyes which in turn make us pretend sleepy and very tired. Getting enough sleep is important, but there are other causes that lead to dark circles. It is important to know the causes behind dark circles before taking this dark circles treatment in Dubai .

Dark Circle


Genes can cause dark circles. Therefore, if your parents have dark circles you likely have them too. People usually choose home remedies to treat the blue and purple color around the eyes. However, if your genes are responsible for dark circles, home remedies most likely will not work. Using chemical peels and lasers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi  is the ideal treatment for dark circles in Dubai and Abu Dhabi .


Eczema is a dermatitis that leads to itching and redness of the skin. Eczema itself is not responsible for dark circles. But due to eczema, you may experience irritation and redness that leads to itchy eyes. In such a case, the patient may rub his eyes. Rubbing the eyes can lead to more inflammation and breakage of blood vessels, resulting in darker skin around the eyes. In such a case,   laser treatment for dark circles in Dubai and Abu Dhabi  is the best solution.


If you suffer from any kind of allergies and constantly sneezing, you will most likely have dark circles around the eyes. Sensitivity provokes histamine, which causes blood vessels to dilate, and since the skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin on the body, the swelling of the blood vessels will be of high degree, which will add a bluish color under the eyes. It is best to treat allergies first, then move to treat dark circles in Dubai .

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If you don’t use high-quality cosmetics, it could be the cause of skin irritation around the eyes. Make sure to use high-quality cosmetics in order not to irritate the skin around the eyes.

And if you are one of those who use eyeliner or any eye linear, then you must make sure that you choose the high-quality quality that will not irritate your skin. Ask a dermatologist about what cosmetics are allowed for you and the appropriate treatment for dark circles in Dubai.

Bone structure:

Sometimes your skin alone is not responsible for dark circles. And one of the reasons that is neglected is the bone structure. Because it controls the appearance of the face from the inside and outside, the size of the eyes and cheekbones can cause dark hollows around the eyes. In such a case the ideal solution is dermal filler treatment for dark circles in Dubai .

These are some of the main causes of dark circles appearing on the surface of the skin. It is important to visit a dermatologist in Dubai and get the treatment right for you.

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