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The Quran. Too hard for my child

2 simple points to remember for the days when you despair of seeing your child memorize the Quran …

When I asked you in the Insta story if you dreamed of seeing your children memorize the Quran, there was no doubt, you were unanimous.

Of course, this seems obvious. Who wouldn’t like it? Yet no, this is not a dream for everyone. You know why? Simply because some think it is an unattainable dream.

What prompted me to ask you this question was a discussion I had with a sister 2 days ago.

She told me it wasn’t a goal for her, that her daughters would memorize it.

She would be happy if they could, of course, but she didn’t make a point of learning, you know why?

Quite simply because she herself finds the task difficult for her, she herself has abandoned this learning for the moment because she is discouraged by the workload that it represents and what it implies as an organization in her daily life.

So she thinks to herself that it’s not fair to impose something difficult on her children on her… Somehow it’s legitimate, I totally understand her.

For an adult, what is most difficult when entering the path of learning the Quran through any mode including online Quran class is rigor. The road is long and the beginnings are particularly difficult, especially if it has been neglected for a while. You can take start from online Quran class with the help of online Quran tutor.

Add to this the fact of being isolated in learning and having a multitude of tasks of daily life to manage and voila, the Quran remains stored forever in the library without being touched.

However, this mother (like many others) leaves out two things.

What you have certainly forgotten.

The child does not have the same perception as us.

A child who has been immersed in the Quran since childhood, who has an entourage, friends who live with the Quran (up to you to find them for him) does not feel it as a painful or impossible task. So it is not appropriate to believe that under the pretext that it is difficult for us, then it has to be for them.

No no not at all! This is the case with us, because we have moved away from the Quran, we are overwhelmed by the affairs of this Dounia and our souls have not been educated since we were little to give an important place to the Book of ‘Allah in our daily life.

But not your child, he gets into the habit of learning, it fits into his daily rhythm, he has only known that, his naves are still clean and he is still on the fitra.

So beware of our perception which can influence our children and put them in mind that “the Quran is difficult!” On the contrary, let’s change mentalities; let’s get rid of this limiting belief. Let us make sure to motivate them, to make them understand that it is easy for the one to whom Allah wishes good, but that it is also a gift from Allah which can only be earned with effort.


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