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Scientists Consider Populist Orthodox Initiative to Ban Abortion

Territories with the highest and lowest abortion rates.  Rosstat data tabulated by the HSE Institute for Demography.

“Abortion is prohibited at any stage of pregnancy”

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Abortion is permissible only if there is a threat to the life and health of the woman, said the chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Stavropol Territory, Mufti Muhammad. In his opinion, “in all other cases we are talking about killing a child.”

“To have an abortion is tantamount to killing a person. Abortion is prohibited at any stage of pregnancy, except when there is a threat to the life of the mother,” Muhammad told a Knot correspondent.

According to him, the majority of abortions “are committed because of sexual licentiousness, accidental relationships and lack of moral principles.” Mufti supported the idea of ​​a legislative ban on abortion.

“The husband and wife are equally accountable to the Lord for the unborn child. At all times there were many children in families. And rarely did anyone die of hunger. The Most High gives his inheritance and food to everyone,” said.

“Exceptions must be made for rape victims.”

In the North-Federal District, “positive dynamics in reducing the number of abortions” is observed, the head of one of the human rights centers in the North Caucasus, engaged in socio-psychological rehabilitation of victims of violence and educational activities to protect mothers and children, noted.

“Over the past decade, including thanks to the activities of human rights and charitable organizations, methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies and contraception have become widespread among women in the North Caucasus,” the head of the NGO, anonymously, told the Knot correspondent.

In her opinion, the religious tradition also leads to positive dynamics in reducing the number of abortions. “A woman knows that if she becomes pregnant, then according to Islamic standards, abortion will be a sin. This belief pushes the residents of the regions of the North-Federal District to protection,” the head of the NGO said.

“As a believer, I am sure that if life is given, then it must be preserved. Exceptions, in my opinion, should be made only for victims of rape, or if the fetus has significant developmental disabilities, or there is a threat to the life of the mother,” point of view of the interlocutor.

The danger of a complete ban on artificial termination of pregnancy in  is low, but the likelihood of further complicating access and increasing the cost of the procedure is very significant, noted the authors of the book “Interdisciplinary studies of economics and society: the annual scientific conference of the New Economic Association.” “At the same time, the active opponents of the right to abortion are mostly men and women outside the reproductive period, that is, those for whom the problem of late pregnancy is not relevant as a personal problem. The n government does not demonstrate support for the process of humanizing birth control,” the book emphasized. experts of  State University named after.

“Islamic scholars have different points of view on the problem”

In turn, a graduate of one of the Muslim universities in the Middle East, , noted that Islamic law “has differences in determining the boundaries of the prohibition or admissibility of abortion.”

“There is a group of ulema, Islamic scholars who consider abortion to be absolutely forbidden. But they also allow abortion for medical reasons, if there is a mortal threat to a woman. According to them, if conception has occurred, then the fetus can be considered a living person. Accordingly, abortion is equated to murder at any stage of pregnancy, “he told the Knot correspondent.

At the same time, another group of Islamic scholars is of the opinion that “only after 120 days from conception the fetus becomes a man, and only from this gestational age there is a categorical ban on abortion, said Shahov. He emphasized that this group of Islamic scholars refers to the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, which refers to the stages of fetal development.

“Each of you, all the components of your creation come together in the womb of your mother by day 40. During this period it happens to be like a blood clot, and then after the same time – to a chewed piece. After that an angel is sent to it, which breathes in the soul into it … “, – quoted the hadith.

“Based on this hadeeth, some ulema conclude that the fetus acquires the soul and all human features by 120 days after conception. That means abortion in the previous period, in ways that are not harmful to health, is permissible and equates to contraception,” he added.

After 120 days, abortion is completely unacceptable, except in cases where childbirth and gestation can threaten a woman’s life, said. “Although there are discrepancies between ulama. After all, a threat to the life of a mother is only an assumption, and because of this, a child is lost in the womb,” emphasized.

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