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March 20, 2020 – World Mouth Cavity Health Day

World Oral Health Day is an international day proclaiming the importance of oral health for people of all ages in all countries of the world. This day has already become one of the most important events in world dentistry and is considered the day of the proclamation of the core values ​​that every dentist carries to his patients. The main objectives of this day are to increase awareness and stimulate patients, social communities and government organizations, as well as to join efforts to reduce dental morbidity.

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Dental diseases – dental caries and periodontal pathology – are widespread among the population of Belarus: 33% of three-year-old children, 80% of six-year-old children, 70% of children aged 12 and 99% of adults have carious teeth; pathology of the periodontium was noted in 100% of adults, 19% of the elderly residents of the country do not have teeth. Every year, 14-15 million requests for dental care are made to dentists, more than 8.5 million fillings are placed and 500-550 thousand are made. dentures. Primary prevention of major dental diseases significantly improves dental health, which positively affects the overall health and quality of life of people, which was also proved in the framework of the Dental Disease Prevention Program in Belarus.

Many have heard about the need and importance of the prevention of dental diseases. Most parents support the idea that it is easier to prevent a disease than to treat it. Now it is no longer necessary to convince patients of the need for preventive measures. Parents often ask the question of how to conduct it. An individual preventive program for your child will help draw up a children’s dentist directly at the appointment. Prevention of diseases of the oral cavity in children consists of a complex of mutually complementary and inextricably linked measures of a therapeutic, prophylactic and organizational nature.

Preventive measures include: increasing the enamel’s resistance to organic acids; removal of plaque from the surface of the enamel, which is achieved by proper brushing of the teeth; a decrease in the presence of sweets in the oral cavity.

At present, the task of maximally preserving the health of the population is coming to the fore, and it is impossible to solve this without the help of prevention.

Caries is the most common disease in children. The pathological process that develops on a baby tooth, over time, passes to a permanent one. In addition, it is a steady source of infection in the body.

Prevention of caries in children should begin during the pregnancy of the expectant mother. Timely rehabilitation of the oral cavity, a balanced diet, multivitamins and a complex of macro- and microelements, a healthy lifestyle – all this contributes to the normal development of the tooth plates in the fetus.

After the appearance of the first teeth in a child, the main prevention methods are:

regular brushing with special children’s toothpaste;

  • restriction of sweets;
  • properly organized diet;
  • regular check-up at the dentist.

As soon as the first tooth erupts, it must be started to clean. By two and a half years, a child normally has twenty temporary teeth erupting. The sooner a child gets used to a toothbrush and toothpaste, the better. Parents brush their teeth until the age of three. By the age of three, the child must master the basic movements with a toothbrush. But up to seven years old, adults should clean their teeth. The children’s brush should be bright with artificial soft bristles and change after three months of use, because by this time, the bristles lose their shape, split and do not fulfill their cleaning function.

You need to start with hygienic toothpastes, and only then switch to fluoride and calcium containing. You need to brush your teeth twice: morning and evening! After brushing your teeth, do not forget to brush your tongue. After eruption of all temporary teeth, you can begin to clean the interdental spaces with dental floss (floss). Currently, dental elixirs are widely used, which include anti-inflammatory substances and fluorine compounds. They have anti-cariosis, deodorizing, anti-inflammatory effects. It is advisable to use elixirs after meals, between brushing your teeth.

The use of chewing gum is recommended after eating for twenty minutes. The process of chewing in conditions of chewing sloth, as one of the bad habits of a modern person, helps to strengthen and develop chewing muscles and stimulates salivation. Saliva, as a natural source of calcium and phosphate, can contribute to the remineralization of early enamel lesions. It must be remembered that the uncontrolled and erratic use of chewing gum throughout the day can be harmful.

The most common means of prevention in a clinic is deep enamel fluoridation, the use of fluorinated varnishes, and the sealing procedure. These measures accelerate the “recovery” of early carious lesions due to the remineralization of enamel crystals.

Even if there are no complaints, you must visit the dentist every six months, because caries progresses very quickly. Particularly carefully, parents should monitor the oral cavity of the child when temporary teeth change to permanent (from 5-7 to 12-14 years). The first permanent molars are most susceptible to caries. Often parents take these teeth for temporary, because they appear in a “free” place, and temporary teeth are not preceded by them. It is possible to minimize the possibility of caries on the chewing surface of these teeth by sealing deep fissures (grooves) with special material. It prevents food debris and germs from lingering in the natural cavities of the tooth and helps saturate enamel with fluoride. This procedure is completely painless and does not require mechanical impact on the tooth.

Caries is good in that its occurrence can be prevented, which means that consequences can be avoided (even if the patient has poor heredity in this regard). If you start preventive measures from childhood, prevention will be especially effective. Special techniques at the dentist’s disposal (for example, sealing fissures of teeth) allow him to guarantee protection against caries until his next visit to the doctor, that is, for a whole year.

Prevention is the best treatment. There is nothing cheaper and more effective than prevention.

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