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How to take care of your clothes after plastic surgery

When you have any breast augmentation with the help of breast augmentation surgical instrument set or body contouring operation, your surgeon may recommend that you wear a girdle, bra, or other post-surgical clothing during the recovery process. Wearing the correct type of clothing during recovery is essential to ensure that the fabrics remain in the correct position during the recovery phase without impeding circulation. Since you will be wearing these clothes for several hours at a time, you need to make sure you keep them clean and in good condition.

Use the following tips to properly care for your post-plastic surgery clothing:

Wash them by hand

Hand washing your clothes will help you avoid the snags, tears, and excessive stretching that could occur if the clothes were put in the machine. You can hand wash your clothes with soap and water and then let them air dry overnight. Be sure to use a soap designed for delicate fabrics and avoid folding, twisting or stretching the garment when washing it. Use cold water to wash and rinse the garment. Wring out with a dry towel. Avoid using detergents or any type of bleach to clean post plastic surgery clothing.

Air dry

Allow clothes to air dry as the fabric and materials may warp or be damaged in an electric dryer. These clothes will air dry fairly easily and retain their shape and composition without any further intervention. You can air dry them flat on a clean surface or hang them with tongs for quick drying.

Avoid using body oils or lotions

Certain types of products, such as lotions, creams, oils, and body butters can weaken the fibers in compression garments and reduce their elasticity. If you want to use these products regularly, make sure that they have completely penetrated the skin before wearing the garment.

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