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How to design cosmetics packaging

Here there are few industries with as much potential to develop loyal and die-hard customers as beauty and Cosmetic boxes. Beauty products are a staple in bathroom cabinets around the world; whether a person looks for an “I woke up like this” look or the avant-garde feeling of “makeup is art that you wear on your face”, almost all women (not to mention tons of men!) use beauty products every day. Which means that if you have a beauty or cosmetic boxes line, there is potential for some serious business. But it also means that if you want to take that business and take it yourself, you will need to find a way to break the mess, jump off the shelf in Sephora and tell your model client “THIS is the lipstick for you! “And the best way to do it is with its packet.

Your packaging is the first thing you will see the beauty products you want to become customers. If your packaging catches your attention and talks about what you are looking for, your product is likely to be taken home and tested. If not? It is likely to accumulate dust on the shelf. But how, exactly, do you design the type of packaging that makes your ideal customer shout “I need that blush yesterday?” Fear not, 99designs is here with all the information you need to design a package that stands out on the shelf and get your product in your customer’s bag (and finally on your face).

Define your ideal client

It is significant to know who you are conniving for. Who is your ideal client? Are girls among teenagers as obsessed with flashes as with boy bands? Are they women of color who want makeup that really (finally) matches their skin tone? Are they men who are male … but who also want soft skin for babies? And once you know who they are, what do they look for in a cosmetic boxes brand? What will get your attention?

Define the personality of your brand

As important as your client’s identity is your identity. What is your brand? Are you dark and nervous (like Urban Decay)? Simple and classic (as Bobbi Brown)? Luxurious (as Dior)? Accessible (as Wet n Wild)? Who are you as a brand, and the personality that you want to portray to your customers, will determine what design elements you will use in your packaging.

Define how your ideal customers buy your product

You will also want to consider how you are going to sell your products. Do you sell online or in the store? In small boutiques or in large retailers? Your design strategy may change depending on where you are bombing your products.

Create a mood chart for your brand

A great thing you should do before starting to design is to create a humor board for your brand. Gather images, colors, advertisements and everything you feel embodies the personality of your brand; These will act as inspiration as you go through the design process.

Let cosmetic boxes packaging trends inspire you

If you need a little inspiration for the design of your packaging, there is no better place to start than to look at the latest trends in cosmetic boxes packaging. Once you know what the current trends are, you can create packaging that meets what is important to your customers at this time and speaks to them in the right way.Remember that you want to choose a modern and modern look, but also timeless and universally attractive, so that the design of your packaging is updated for as long as possible.

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