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Everything about car leasing

Everything about car leasing

Cars Leasing Deals has now become the name of a household. From mobile phones to airplanes everything is rented out. But SOPs are different for everyone. I am limited to vehicle leasing and will discussing different aspects of the lease from the customer’s point of view.

To rent or finance a vehicle, there are certain parameters that must be met before he / she can claim the product. However, some leasing companies and banks justify the future

Requirements and a higher interest rate as a consideration. SBP and SECP act as supervisors and the relevant legal provisions must be implemented by leasing institutions. Those who can be cunning or break the rules

To attract anger from the regulatory authorities at any time.

Now I am again concerned about the main concerns that the tenant and the bank are considering before and after the approval / approval of the agreement.

Your age should be in between 21 to 55 years. Although some banks justify the braces.

The admission criteria assume that your salary will be home at least once a month. A payroll document or certificate is required as proof that reflects the regular / monthly income stream for example Salary 0.000 / – The period must be 0.000 or less.

 If you are self-employed, you must have proof of monthly income.

Bank statements for the last 6 months to 1 year are mandatory proof that you have gambling in the community and regularly participate in the Pakistan economy and that your bank will share its location if you default and disappear.

Your DREAMS.PK understands that this means that you have not defaulted before a loan has been received from a financial institution, or that your total exposure does not exceed the limit of the limit.

You live in Pakistan. These schemes are not for non-residents of Pakistan.

If you do the above, do some basic research and research.

Which car do you need?

What is the amount of equity?

What will the term of office be?

How do you pay?

Islamic (Ijara) or Convention

Given the broader view, there is no difference between them. The difference lies in terminology and nomenclature. With Islamic leasing, the term and the insurance start after the car delivery, so it’s a relief. However, installments (called ‘lease contracts’) are increasing because the amount of the deferred period is allocated to the balance of payments. Takafil (Islamic insurance) was only available in March 2006. But now the first Takaful (sponsored by the Pak Kuwait Investment Company) has become functional and Islamic banks have started offering an Islamic insurance policy.

Leasing or Financing

When the asset is rented, it is registered and registered in the name of the bank or leasing company and, in the case of financing, it is registered and registered in the name of the tenant through a lease agreement. With financing, when you terminate the lease, from the moment of the asset

already in your name, the registration authorities simply remove the provisions of the HPA and you remain the first owner and the fee does not have to be paid. In the case of renting the car is transferred to your name and you

pay transfer fees to become the second owner. If you are a businessman, you do not have to show the car as an asset when preparing your books (for tax purposes), since

It is rented and the owner has a bank. This concerns leasing, not financing. View what meets your needs and requirements.

Dreams pk/ CIB Report

When you complete the form, your information will be sent to Dreams.pk, a private company, to receive your credit status. Some data is also sent to the Credit Intelligence Agency at the UPS. This is done by 80% of banks and leasing companies. In the event of default, banks receive a negative report. Registration of all received loans, limits on all credit cards, all current financial services, all automated financing, home financing, commercial financing and other obligations are displayed in Dreams.pk, including the latest, regardless of whether you use it or not. Therefore, be careful when submitting applications because all data is transferred to your personal record. Not applicable to different banks

at the same time, because your personal data block does not give you a true picture and may create problems for you in the future. In a certain phase, NADRA and the CBR are involved and all this data goes to yours


Before choosing a bank or leasing company, make sure you meet the responsible and responsible person for the company to answer the basic questions above. An agent who helps you complete the questionnaire may not know all the bank’s policies. So don’t trust it or take the advice very seriously for more information Click Here

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