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Cesarean section is a surgical technique performed to remove a baby from its mother’s womb via cesarean section surgical instrument set, when childbirth is impossible, or even dangerous, through the natural lower channels.

A cesarean section involves opening the mother’s tummy, opening the uterus and taking the baby out. The surgeon sews up the uterus, then the skin of the stomach.

The scar is inconspicuous, generally horizontal, made at the level of the pubic hair.

Cesarean sections can be done either under general anesthesia or locally (the most common).

Loco-regional anesthesia, which will make the lower half of the body numb, is done by injecting an anesthetic into the lower back, by:


The anesthetic is given all at once. This is the anesthesia often used in cases of scheduled cesarean section.


This requires the placement of a catheter to allow re-injection of the numbing product several times if necessary.

There could be many reasons. Caesarean sections are often planned in advance, but sometimes decided upon during labor

  • heart disease
  • toxemia of pregnancy with high blood pressure
  • presence of albumin in the urine
  • genital herpes.

The hospital stay is longer (7 days) than for a natural delivery (4 days).

An anti-coagulant treatment is generally prescribed for a few days to avoid a risk of phlebitis, with the wearing of compression stockings.

Breastfeeding is not outlawed and is even encouraged.

You should know that a cesarean section is more tiring than a normal childbirth. It is a good idea to plan for rest when you get home and help.

Some mothers go through very difficult childbirths. When the caesarean is scheduled, the baby is born very quickly and the mother was familiar with the operation.

However, a cesarean can happen after 10 or even 12 hours of labor. The mother saw it as a moment of deliverance after so much waiting.

But, during the baby-blues period, she may feel like she “missed” her delivery. It is up to those around and especially the spouse to congratulate the mother on her childbirth and restore her self-confidence.


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