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What is a medical abortion?

abortion pills available in Dubai

What is a medical abortion? The two most regular strategies for securely and successfully finishing a pregnancy are in-center abortions and abortions with FDA-endorsed pills, otherwise called drug abortion. During an in-facility abortion (now and again called a “careful abortion”), a clinical expert genuinely eliminates the uterus’s substance. During a …

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How to get abortion pills during covid 19 Pandemic

Abortion pills uage in covid 19

Coronavirus is changing the way we live and adjusting the manner in which basic medical care administrations are given. Our need is proceeding to convey care to the ladies and pregnant individuals who need us. During these remarkable occasions, we are open as regular and have as of late dispatched …

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Implantation or bridge: what to choose?

What type of prosthetics should I choose – a more modern implant or a traditional, easier to install and affordable bridge prosthesis? Despite the huge popularity of implants recently (and quite understandable, since the technology has many advantages), bridges are not a thing of the past. Orthopedic dentists at the …

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7 myths about veneers and their exposure

Veneers – The technology is relatively new, until recently – few people are available (but we at the clinic fixed this with the help of an installment plan without overpayment ). Therefore, they are surrounded by many myths: tooth decay, an unnatural appearance, constant medical appointments for observation … We …

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How do elastics help in the work of an orthodontist?

Small rings of very elastic material – elastic or traction – are an important element of the bracket system (but not at all stages of treatment). This small detail helps the orthodontist complete the job and form the perfect bite. Click here: Dental Crowns in Dubai Elastic traction for braces …

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When braces are removed: how to save the result of treatment?

Removing braces is a long-awaited event, but not yet the end of treatment. On this day, the orthodontist will tell you in detail what needs to be done in the retention period. In the vast majority of cases, removable mouthguards are made (according to new casts of teeth, after removal) …

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Modern types of pain relief during dental treatment

Patients often postpone a visit to the dentist because of a fear of pain. To date, the arsenal of a modern dentist has enough funds to make dental treatment as comfortable and painless as possible. Click here : Dental Crowns in Dubai The use of a new generation of anesthetics …

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Tooth Hygeine And Cavity Preventation

Teeth care Teeth care is important as good dental health will have a positive impact on the child’s life. This will allow him to chew well and thus be able to eat all the foods he needs to develop well. Good teeth are also essential for good language development. Finally, …

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10 Good Reasons To Brush Your Teeth Everyday

Brush Your Teeth Everyday Washing your teeth after each meal should be a reflex. Yet too many of us still forget to use our toothbrush daily. Brushing your teeth every day, and even several times a day, is essential for good oral health. To encourage you to be more rigorous, …

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Oral Care for Oral Hygiene

Almost all dental diseases can be prevented, and the most important factor in prevention is an effective daily oral hygiene system. The pharmacist is in a prime position to improve oral health, by providing sound advice on daily best practices and recommended oral hygiene products. Click here : Dental Treatments …

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