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What Are The Main Causes Of Dark Circles?

Dark Circle

We all experience dark circles around our eyes which in turn make us pretend sleepy and very tired. Getting enough sleep is important, but there are other causes that lead to dark circles. It is important to know the causes behind dark circles before taking this dark circles treatment in …

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Forceps or Cesarean

The use of a forceps is never a first option for the doctor during a childbirth. The forceps constitute a means to either facilitate the descent of the baby in the basin of its mother or to accelerate the birth in certain circumstances. Although no one wants the doctor to …

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Cataracts: the new implants to see better

Cataract surgery involves replacing the cloudy lens with an intraocular implant in order to restore clear vision with the help of cataract surgery instruments set. What does the intervention consist of? What are the different types of implants? Find out all you need to know about cataracts and their surgery. …

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When you and your ophthalmologist have decided that it is time for you to have cataract surgery, you will arrange a preoperative appointment where you will discuss: Medical record icon Your medical history, current treatments and pre-existing conditions Please feel free to provide as much detail as possible. Although cataract …

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How to take care of your clothes after plastic surgery

When you have any breast augmentation with the help of breast augmentation surgical instrument set or body contouring operation, your surgeon may recommend that you wear a girdle, bra, or other post-surgical clothing during the recovery process. Wearing the correct type of clothing during recovery is essential to ensure that …

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Abdominal surgery: possibilities and limits

Laparotomy in gynecological surgery involves surgical opening of the abdomen by incision of its wall with the help of laparotomy surgery instrument set. It is commonly called “open stomach” surgery. The incision is most often made horizontally, just above the pubis or vertically from the umbilicus to the pubis. Advantage …

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A Guide to Thyroid surgery

A gland of a few centimeters located at the base of the neck, the thyroid secretes hormones involved in many body functions. The presence of nodules, a cancerous tumor, a compressive goiter or a disease sometimes requires an operation of the thyroid, that is to say its partial or total …

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The Role Of Comedogenic Products In Causing Acne

علاج حب الشباب

If you’ve ever had acne, “stay away from comedogenic products” is a must-hear phrase. Comedogenic products are products with a potentially pore-clogging ingredient that can later cause acne breakouts. The debate about whether comedogenic products “really” cause acne has been going on for a long time. While the use of …

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Treatment of a herniated cervical disc

Medical treatment In mild or early forms, medical treatments are instituted: Medicines against pain (from simple analgesics to the prescription of morphine derivatives in very severe pain). Anti-inflammatory drugs because the lesion is often accompanied by edema and inflammation (anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed if you tolerate them, gastric protective drugs …

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Forceps, suction cup, spatulas: when are they used?

During childbirth, the suction cup, forceps and spatulas each have very specific indications, and have their own advantages and disadvantages. Frequent instrumental extractions There are 800,000 births every year. About 11% of them require the use of forceps, spatulas or a suction cup or delivery surgical instrument set to help …

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