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The Quran. Too hard for my child

2 simple points to remember for the days when you despair of seeing your child memorize the Quran … When I asked you in the Insta story if you dreamed of seeing your children memorize the Quran, there was no doubt, you were unanimous. Of course, this seems obvious. Who …

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How Do You Get ITIL Certified?

ITIL Course

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL Course is the most recognized method of information technology service management in the world. ITIL was developed in the 1980s by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency of the United Kingdom in an effort to standardize information technology management practices between public, private …

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How AWS Training Is Helpful for Companies

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, which is the name given to cloud computing facilities provided by the Amazon group. It has a comprehensive solutions-based training program which needs to be known by the aspirants who are interested for developing their skills in cloud computing. Aspirants are able to receive …

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Top aws solutions architect certification and Courses to Learn Online

Top aws solutions architect certification and Courses to Learn Online A list of some AWS courses to learn Amazon Web Services online at your own pace Hello guys, if you want to learn aws solutions architect certification, popularly known as AWS and looking for some awesome resources e.g. books, courses, …

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aws solutions architect certification and Training

Warehouse facility for it professionals will i ever made the aws solutions architect certification with experienced and teams and skillful. 82 institutes in aws training to develop secure an amazing, a new courses. Validating the best aws training and the city is considered as on. Facts about the passing scores …

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ACCA in Pakistan

Our institute gives ACCA education in Pakistan.  It education has many purpose.  We discuss on important reasons to select ACCA course? So, let’s start now. Students, who aspire to be accounting professionals in the future, should select the ACCA course at this time. If you want to be a successful …

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Best CA in Pakistan

PAC is the better College for Chartered Accountants and ACCA in Lahore Admission in CA Chartered Accountants Lahore and ACCA Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Many student ask our how to build a Chartered Accountant? Well, students aim to be a Charter Accountant (CA) with a T.N.  Looks to be …

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Things to learn from a CA

Getting to the CA article well puts you in the but last step to becoming a CA Pakistan professional. Therefore, making mistakes is not even on your list and with this article we will show you more comprehensive ways on how you can make the CA article a learning procedure. …

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Do I need Wudhu for the Qur’an on my phone?


I need Wudhu for the Qur’an on my phone.. With the advent of smart phones and digital tablets, as well as digital media, Muslims have been able to take their Quran everywhere with them! We are able to recite our adhkar, recite excerpts from the Qur’an and read the Quran’s …

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The Mother’s Rights over Her Son in light of Quarn and Hadith

Online Quran Academy

1 – The Mother’s Rights over Her Son The mother has many important rights over her son. These rights are innumerable, but we can mention the following: Love and respect, as much as possible, because she is the most deserving of the good company of her son. Abu Hurayrah (may …

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