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ACCA in Pakistan

Our institute gives ACCA education in Pakistan.  It education has many purpose.  We discuss on important reasons to select ACCA course? So, let’s start now. Students, who aspire to be accounting professionals in the future, should select the ACCA course at this time. If you want to be a successful …

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Best CA in Pakistan

PAC is the better College for Chartered Accountants and ACCA in Lahore Admission in CA Chartered Accountants Lahore and ACCA Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Many student ask our how to build a Chartered Accountant? Well, students aim to be a Charter Accountant (CA) with a T.N.  Looks to be …

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Things to learn from a CA

Getting to the CA article well puts you in the but last step to becoming a CA Pakistan professional. Therefore, making mistakes is not even on your list and with this article we will show you more comprehensive ways on how you can make the CA article a learning procedure. …

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Do I need Wudhu for the Qur’an on my phone?


I need Wudhu for the Qur’an on my phone.. With the advent of smart phones and digital tablets, as well as digital media, Muslims have been able to take their Quran everywhere with them! We are able to recite our adhkar, recite excerpts from the Qur’an and read the Quran’s …

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The Mother’s Rights over Her Son in light of Quarn and Hadith

Online Quran Academy

1 – The Mother’s Rights over Her Son The mother has many important rights over her son. These rights are innumerable, but we can mention the following: Love and respect, as much as possible, because she is the most deserving of the good company of her son. Abu Hurayrah (may …

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Obviously Quran Learning Online Useful

How useful is it to learn the Qur’an Online? If you are among people who can not find a good teacher who can Online Quran Classes  how to learn the Holy Quran and read it, chances are you can not wait to take the courses online. There are a number …

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The Holy Quran is the Main Source of Islam.

Online Quran Classes

The Holy Quran is the main source of Islam. The Quran teaches that life is a test to see who will be “the best in works.” This gives us a higher purpose to live. Doing good deeds naturally also feels good.We should Learn Quran online with correct pronouncing from best …

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What is the difference between CA and CPA?

When it comes to separating the two qualifications, there are some distinct differences. If you would like to specialize in a particular technical function then Chartered Accountant qualification is a good choice. It can help you move into a financial controller or CFO role later in your career. The results …

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Cyber Security Tips You Need to Remember


October is the month of national security on the Internet and we believe it is a great time to revisit online guidelines on how to keep safe when using the Internet. Although we must see data security and networking services in Computer Troubleshooters, there are still some things you can …

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How to regain computer hard drive space


How to recover hard disk space for your computer The following is a complete list of steps on how to restore or free hard drive space on your computer. Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 Run the Disk Cleanup option Click Start Type the disk Click Disk Cleanup. Once …

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